Synthetic Tile Installation and Repair

worker providing synthetic tile installation

Eco-Friendly and Affordable Tile

There are many reasons to consider tile roofing, from its attractive appearance to its durability. Perhaps one of the best benefits of tile is that there are many different options available in many different styles and a variety of materials. Those who are seeking a more affordable choice may want to consider synthetic tile for their roofing. Constructed from recycled rubber and plastic, it has the appearance of other types of tile roofing in addition to being an eco-friendly option. If you are interested in a synthetic tile installation in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, our team can be there to lend a hand. We can also provide assistance with synthetic tile repair if necessary. Call 318-737-1999 today to speak to a member of our team. 

Choosing a Synthetic Tile Installation

What are you seeking in a roofing system? Whether your main priority is finding an attractive roofing option that will boost your home’s curb appeal or you are looking for roofing that will not need a replacement for several decades, synthetic tile can be a great choice. 

Though made from synthetic materials, it has great durability and is able to stand up to everything from extreme temperatures to falling hail. In fact, they often contain materials that help to block ultraviolet light, which helps to reduce the impact of their exposure to the sun’s rays. This is one of the things that give them great longevity – in fact, many synthetic tile roofing comes with a warranty of 50 years.

Of course, problems can still arise. Whether due to improper installation or falling debris, synthetic tile may still crack or experience other issues. When problems do occur, our team can be there to provide the high-quality synthetic tile repair you need. With our experience, you can be certain of great work regardless of whether you are seeking a synthetic tile installation or a synthetic tile repair. 

Get in Touch With Our Team

When you need synthetic tile installation in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, or if you are seeking synthetic tile repair, we hope you will turn to us. We can always be there to provide high-quality roofing services, and in addition to synthetic tile, our team can provide help with various types of tile roofing, along with various other residential roofing services. Call 318-737-1999 today to schedule your roofing services.