Synthetic Slate Roofing

close-up of black slate roofing tiles

An Affordable Alternative to Slate

Slate roofing can be a great choice for many reasons. In addition to its natural beauty, this type of roofing is also incredibly durable. However, it does have its downsides, which is what makes synthetic slate roofing such a great choice. With a synthetic slate roofing installation, you can enjoy many of the benefits of natural slate while also avoiding some of the issues that can arise with this roofing material. If you are seeking a synthetic slate roofing installation in West Monroe, LA or any nearby cities, our team can provide the help you need. Call us at 318-737-1999 for more information about this roofing option. 

Professional Synthetic Slate Roofing Installation

First things first – what is a synthetic slate roof? This roofing material is crafted from recycled materials and is designed to have the same appearance as natural slate. Most people will never notice any difference between the two, especially with the high-quality synthetic slate roofing that is available on the market today. 

One of the more notable benefits of a synthetic slate roofing installation is its cost. Although natural slate is beautiful and durable, it can also be pricey. Though both are still an investment, a synthetic slate roofing installation is still a far more affordable option. On average, you can expect to pay about half as much for a synthetic slate roofing installation than you would for natural slate roofing.

Synthetic slate roof repair is likely not going to be needed often, either. Even extreme weather conditions are unlikely to cause major damage, though there can still be instances where pieces can break or crack. 

Reach Out Today

Whether you are seeking synthetic slate roofing installation or synthetic slate roof repair, you want to be certain you are getting your services from skilled professionals. This is especially important with this material, as it is not used as often and many roofers do not have an extensive amount of experience working with this material. Our team of highly experienced professionals can ensure you receive a roof installation or a roof repair that is done correctly and only using the best materials on the market. 

For synthetic slate roofing installation in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, we encourage you to reach out to us. Call 318-737-1999 today to schedule your services.