Silicone Roof Coatings

worker applying a silicone roof coating

Protect Your Home’s Roof

While various problems can occur with your roof, from pest damage to falling debris, the single greatest cause of damage to any roofing system is natural wear and tear over time. With its constant exposure to the elements, a roof may be damaged by everything from harsh sunlight to high winds and heavy rain. Keeping this in mind, you may be wondering how to protect your roof from possible damage as well as how to prolong the life of your roof. Silicone roof coatings can be a good choice for many different types of residential roofing systems, offering an extra layer of protection from the elements. If you are interested in silicone roof coatings in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, the Nela Roofing team can provide the help you are seeking. To learn more about this option, give us a call at 318-737-1999

Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings are a simple but effective solution to protect a roof from damage. With a silicone coating application, a homeowner can take care of a wide variety of issues their roof may currently be experiencing and extend its overall lifespan. 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of silicone roof coatings is their ability to provide a roof with a seamless finish. This can help to keep out water that could otherwise creep in where there are gaps or other spaces in your roofing material. It is also one of the factors that makes silicone roof coatings an especially great choice for those individuals with flat or low-slope roofing on their homes. 

A silicone coating application can be used over various types of roofing. They can be used over asphalt shingle roofing and can be a good way to keep water out while also taking care of minor damage your shingles have experienced over time. Other types of roofing that can benefit from a silicone coating application include metal roofing and many different types of roofing tiles, to name just a few.

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Our team of roofing professionals can provide help with silicone roof coatings so you can enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. If you are interested in the application of silicone roof coatings in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, we invite you to get in touch with our team. To schedule your services, give us a call at 318-737-1999.