Residential Roofing Installation

worker providing a residential roof installation

Professional Installation Services

There are many things to keep in mind when the time comes for a residential roof installation. Perhaps the most crucial thing to remember is the importance of finding roof installation services from experienced roofing professionals. This is because a poorly installed roof can quickly lead to much bigger problems, including damage to your roof and damage to your home. It is also likely that a new roof installation will be required if your initial installation is not done correctly, which can lead to much bigger costs. When you need a residential roof installation in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, our team can be there to provide the high-quality services you require. Call 318-737-1999 to speak to a member of the Nela Roofing team about having a new roof installed.

Options for Residential Roof Installation

Another one of the many factors to keep in mind when you need a residential roof installation is the type of roof that you would like for your home. It is always a good idea to look over all of your options so you can choose the roofing system that is right for your needs as well as your budget. 

When you come to us for your roof installation services, we will work with you from the beginning to find the right roofing system for your needs. Our team offers a large number of options, from more traditional options to those that may be a little more unique.

Among the many different options we provide, our team offers asphalt shingle roof installation. This is perhaps the most commonly used roofing material on homes across the country, and there are many reasons this is the case. It has a classic appearance and it can provide a good amount of protection for your home, all while being an affordable option for most homeowners. 

Another great option our team can provide is metal roofing. An increasing number of homeowners are choosing metal roofing for their homes, as it has a more contemporary appearance in addition to being one of the strongest and most durable choices available on the market today. There are also various types of metal roofing to choose from, whether you are interested in the benefits a standing seam metal roof can provide or you like the attractive appearance of metal shingle roofing. 

Other choices available to you include the various types of tile roofing on the market. Spanish tile, concrete tile roofing, and synthetic tile roofing are just some of the options you can choose from. They are all attractive roofing options that come in a variety of styles, and all of them can provide an ample amount of protection for your home.

Services from Skilled Roofing Professionals

We can provide the help you need with a residential roof installation, having experience with these and many other types of roofing. Our roofers can take care of the job from start to finish, and when you work with us you can be confident that your roofing work has been performed correctly. 

The members of our team will work with you from start to finish with your residential roof installation services. This means we will be there to help with everything from choosing the right type of roof to removing your old roofing, providing your installation, and ensuring that everything is cleaned up properly. You have nothing to worry about when you come to us. 

This is all in addition to the many other residential roofing services our team can provide. In addition to roof installation, we can be there to help any time you need roof repair or maintenance services such as roof inspections. 

Reach Out Today

If it is time for a residential roof installation in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, we encourage you to give us a call. We can be there for you to ensure you have a sturdy and reliable roof over your head. Reach out at 318-737-1999 today if you are ready to schedule your services.