Metal Roof Installation and Repair in West Monroe, LA

worker providing a metal roof installation

High-Quality Metal Roofing Solutions

Metal roofing is one of the most stylish and durable roofing solutions available on the market today. A wide variety of options are available in metal roofing as well, which makes it easy to find the perfect choice for your home or building. A metal roof installation can be a great choice for residential and commercial structures alike as well. If you are seeking a metal roof installation in West Monroe, LA or the surrounding area, or if you need help with metal roof repair, the team at Nela Roofing can provide the services you require. Call us today at 318-737-1999 to learn more about your options.

Choosing a Metal Roof Installation

A metal roof installation can provide a number of benefits, making it an excellent choice regardless of what you are seeking in a roofing system. Among the most notable benefits of a metal roofing system is its overall longevity. While it may be an investment, a metal roof can typically last for decades, which makes it a cost-effective solution overall. Its durability also means that little maintenance or metal roof repair is required over time. 

Many people wonder whether a metal roof installation will lead a home or building to become warmer. In fact, the opposite is true. Metal roofing has the ability to reflect away sunlight, which can help to keep your indoors at a more comfortable temperature and even help you lower your overall energy usage and energy costs. This is another factor that makes a metal roof installation a more cost-effective solution. 

Metal roofing can also provide superior protection from various types of weather events. While hail does have the ability to dent a metal roofing system, this is an issue that can be taken care of if needed with metal roof repair services. Meanwhile, weather problems such as heavy rain or high winds have minimal ability to do damage to a metal roof.

A Range of Metal Roofing Options

If you believe a metal roof installation is right for you, or if you have found yourself in need of metal roof repair, our team can provide all the assistance you require. We work with many different types of metal roofing and we can be there to lend a hand whether the time has come for a new roof or you want to get your current roofing system back into the best shape possible.

Among the various options we can help with, our team can provide help with standing seam metal roofing. This is an option that uses a snap lock system to stay in place, which provides numerous unique benefits including the superior ability to prevent water intrusion into your home or building.

Our team can also provide assistance with options such as metal shingles. This is a great choice for those who want to enjoy all the benefits that a metal roof installation has to offer while also enjoying the more traditional aesthetic appeal of roofing shingles. Various choices are available if you are interested in metal shingles including many different styles and colors, and we will work with you to find the right option for your needs.

Meanwhile, we can also be there to help with the variety of options available in stone-coated steel roofing. This can be a good choice because the stone coating on the sturdy steel provides even more protection while also being a particularly attractive style of roofing. 

Identifying Metal Roofing Problems

Though metal roof repair may not be needed often, there may still come a time when damage occurs to your roofing system. You are also likely to notice issues due to wear and tear over time, and it is important to take care of any of these problems before they become much more serious, as is the case with any roofing system.

Among the more serious problems that can occur with metal roofing is rust or corrosion. This can generally be prevented with the correct maintenance, though when it occurs it should be taken care of right away. You may also notice damage to your roof due to hail or falling debris such as tree limbs. If you aren’t certain whether metal roof repair is necessary, you can always reach out to us and we can provide a roof inspection to identify potential problems and recommend the necessary repairs.

Reach Out for Service

Whether the time has come for a metal roof installation or you have noticed issues requiring metal roof repair, our team can provide the help you need. For metal roof installation in West Monroe, LA or any nearby cities, or to schedule your metal roof repair, give our team a call. Get in touch today by reaching out at 318-737-1999